Sunday, 20 June 2010

South Down the East Coast

Hi all

Roughly 2 weeks left on the trip and I'm a bit ahead of schedule. Its nice really because I can now start to do some shorter days for my transition back into normal life...and work!

The Spurn Lightship in Hull


Harwich Lights

3 weeks ago I was in Inverness and I cant believe how quick the run down this side of Britain has been. I've been averaging around 75-80 miles a day over the last couple of weeks, mainly due to the flat terrain and fairly strong northerly winds. The east coast has been very different riding conditions compared to the west with lots of industry and busy coastal cities. I also seemed to be ending up on the wrong side of town quite a bit, riding through some 'choice' housing estates and generally run down areas.

Felixstowe crossing on the ferry


I met and cycled with a couple of great guys heading south, Paul, from south of Atwich, who was just going to do a quick 10 miles with me... that soon turned into a 60 mile round trip down to Spurn Point and Mike was the other guy I cycled with down to the Thames. Mike had just finished a round Britain cycle himself completing over 3200 miles in just over 5 weeks, which was incredible!

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse

Cycling with lots of friends over the next couple of weeks including Rob Brooks, Lofty, Jess Ford, a group of teachers from St Giles College in Brighton (where I used to work), Noel from Dartmouth and hopefully a big group of mates from Devon for the last day (4th July) I'll post details of the last days ride soon.

cheers simon

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