Saturday, 10 April 2010

Loved North Wales...nice to be back in England

The Incredible South Stack Lighthouse, Holy Island

Monday today and had the day off doing a bit of fixing, planning and looking around Chester.

My plans have changed a little for the next few days due to a few reasons. I'll now be going to the Isle of Man a week today (19th) and spending this week in and around The Wirral, Chester and Liverpool, visiting the 7 or so lighthouses in the area, getting my bike serviced tomorrow and catching up with family and friends. So Im going to be a little lighter on the miles this week. I've ordered a new map and book from the Scottish Lighthouse Museum which will hopefully get to me in the next couple of days so I can get planning the route to the far North this week. Once I get back from the IOM I'm going to have to put in some longer days to get up to the Glasgow area by the 8th May to meet up with Rupe WS for 10 days of island hopping up the west coast!

Point of Ayr, North Wales

I met a nice couple on Saturday kitted up on their new bikes (Thorn?) test riding them for a couple of weeks before they embark on their 2 year cycle around the world! Ant and Kate are leaving in mid July and heading South East to follow the Danube down through Europe...and beyond. Good luck guys!

My legs are still doing well and I feel good in general but I do feel in need of a good strong sports massage and a long soak in a bath, maybe in Liverpool... up to almost 1200 miles now.

Finally, this is something I've seen too many times this week and I'm sure I'm going to see it again a few times before we finish
See ya.


  1. 1200 miles?? eek - how are your legs??
    nice pics! :o)

  2. Hi Simon

    Keep up the good work!!! Hope to try and catch up with you on your SE England leg of your journey.

    Heather x