Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Come on Sunshine!

This picture sums up that last few days. taken after long, wet days on the North Cornwall, North Devon coast, shortly after coming off and constantly getting sprayed and blown around by passing lorries and coaches.

So after the first few sunny days its been pretty much rubbish weather every day...but character building...apparently. Today I finished what I hope is the last of the major west country coastal hills. These included the infamous knee exploding hills around Lynmouth and Porlock. Despite the rain and terrain I'm still loving the ride.

Heres a picture of Hartland point Lighthouse, couldn't get too close as unfortunately the road is unsafe. There's been a lot of great surf up the north coast (when you can see it through the mist!)
The beautiful little harbour of Cadgwith, North East of Lizard Point.
The lighthouses I've managed to get to so far are as follows ~ Start Point, Smeatons Tower, St Anthony's, Lizard Point, Tater Du, Pendeen, Godrevy Island, Trevose, Hartland Point, Bull Point, Ilfracombe and Lynmouth Foreland. Also visited lots of other Harbour lights inbetween.
While in Lynmouth I came across a story I hadn't heard before about a huge flood in the town. Check out this link if you have time about cloud seeding...interesting!

Anyway, although its been a shorter day today I still feel tired and ready for bed (and its only 9pm)
Cheers for the coffee and bacon sandwich in the olde chapel Restaurant in Porlock today...Fab!
and hi to steve compton and family, sorry i missed you :)


  1. the infamous knee exploding hills?? oh nooo - sounds painful! Keeping our fingers crossed for GOOD weather next week! A suntan instead of mud would be nice?

    We're all keeping track of you! And I keep posting all over the place too - hope you have [had] a good sleep for tomorrows chaos of rain and slush. Damn those lorries!

  2. Hi Simon, I know porlock really well, my favourite place for getting driftwood, and that is a bitch of a hill!! My van barely makes it so welldone. Keep going, we are trying to work it for Nick to come and join you again soon but we're thinking of you.
    P.S the witches are gathering, will try and do something about this weather!