Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Just gone 8pm on Tuesday and recovering from yet another battering from the elements. Today really was hard work for me with strong, cold headwinds and the usual rain (sorry, keep banging on about the weather!)
We're going to start heading North tomorrow after a visit to St Anns Head Lighthouse on the Pembrokeshire Coast, hopefully stopping the night at St Davids in far West Wales. Yesterday I cycled across the Gower Peninsula to Whitford Point Lighthouse, a disused cast iron lighthouse thats in pretty bad shape. In 2000, it was put up for sale for £1 on the proviso that the new owner repaired it...it's still available. Gower is a place that I'll return to when the sun shines.

Here's a pic of the hills I mentioned in my last blog. This is the hill down to the lighthouse at Lynmouth Foreland (I didn't actually cycle down that particular hill (that would be crazy) but one that cuts in behind it...that's even steeper ;0)

Another screenshot of the GPS, cycling from England into Wales.

Finally, a view from the Severn Bridge (old) looking across to the new bridge in the distance. Big storm front coming in.
Thats it for now, cheerio


  1. Hiya, I'm 44 and was diagnosed with OC a year ago. Finished treatment but scans are still showing areas that my consultants are not sure about so at the moment its wait and see..
    We've got a wee holiday cottage in Ballachulish (12 miles south of Fort William in Scotland). Let us know when you're in the area and you're more than welcome to park up for the night in the drive and come in for some dinner/wine, etc. Its fantastic what you're doing and I wish I could join you!

  2. Hi Simon,

    Just heard about your quest today!! Very well done. I lost my mum to OC in 2008 and am delighted to support you.

    Will you visit Hestan lighthouse (opposite Maryport on Scottish side) you can get there at low tide on foot. We'd love to see you and cheer you on in Auchencairn!!

    We've also got a wee holiday cottage www.craigshall-cottage.co.uk so if you need a bed for the night, it's yours!

    All the best

    Jim @sailsim