Saturday, 27 March 2010

South Wales

Had a lovely day off today in Cardiff (decided against Newport), great city and some beautiful architecture. Currently sat in the dry and warm and thinking about the weather forecast I've just read issued by the met-office...plenty more wind and rain and a chance of snow on Wednesday!..what the..? Anyway, Ive just been doing a bit of route planning and I'm going to try and get up to Aberystwyth by Good Friday and then have a day (or 2) off for Easter lazing on the beach with cocktails. There are 14 lighthouses to visit between here and there, some of them a bit tricky to get to. I'm cycling in snorkel and flippers tomorrow.
Bed now as we lose an hour tonight. Hopefully get some more pics posted if we have decent phone reception tomorrow night. cheerio


  1. can't wait for the snorkel and flippers pics ;o)

  2. Hope the weather improves for you, I wouldnt like to think of you cycling in flippers :-)

  3. glad your ok and still got a sense of humourxxxx